What To Avoid When Dressing For Work

What To Avoid When Dressing For Work
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When you are dressing for work like for office, you are expected to dress appropriately. It means you should not be too drab while not overdressed as well. Thus be sure to watch how you dress so that you won’t do the same mistakes others have committed.

For you to be warned, check out the most common mistakes others do when dressing for office:

  1. When you wear something that is not your size

This is quite common and in fact, I can easily remember seeing some people who do this. Even if the dress is in trend or fashionable and just perfect for office still if it is not your size, you should refrain from wearing it. Your officemates will surely notice this right away and they will just assume you are wearing something borrowed.

  1. When you wear a short-sleeved polo with a tie

This is hardly acceptable unless you are a waiter or you are working in a restaurant. But if that is not the case, then avoid doing this as you will look cheap. It would be like you have no idea what fashion is and just force using tie on something that is not matched.

  1. Not proper length of pants

Unless you are trying to do a fashion statement, you should not fold your pants. It should be up to the middle part of your shoes but must not reach beyond the sole. Make sure as well that there are no loose threads as that is certainly a big minus. All you need to do is have it repaired.

  1. Too button up

You also need to loosen up. Don’t button your polo until the last buttons as it would be like you are uncomfortable and are having a hard time breathing.

  1. Wrinkled clothing

This is another thing you must make sure not to happen. Especially when we are talking about office attire here, you should press your clothes or else, you will look shabby and unprofessional.

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