Trump’s Paid Family Leave Plan May Hurt Families Not Help Them

by admin | June 8, 2017 11:01 am

President Trump’s budget has serious flaws. The new budget calls for six weeks of mandated paid family leave for new parents. Even though the concept sounds like a win for families, it may hurt more than help the people who Trump says he wants to help. The initial paid family leave proposal only included mothers, and that idea was certainly half-baked. Fathers should have the same paid leave. The new plan is still unclear, but it’s safe to say fathers will be included, especially if Trump wants to avoid more lawsuits.

Lawsuits and Trump seem to be a presidential thing. Trump is not afraid of taking legal action, and he’s not opposed to hiring a league of lawyers to defend his sketchy decisions. But if the Trump paid leave proposal becomes law, lawsuits may fly all over the country. Mandatory paid leave is not free. Somebody has to pay for that benefit. Many employers will try to offset the expense by lowering salaries, cutting other benefits, or incorporating some new corporate rule that covers the cost of the paid leave mandate. What the mandate will do is make it harder to hire women of childbearing age. Even if the benefit is a taxpayer expense, employers will still have to pay to cover the cost of workers being absent for six weeks. Some state may be able to avoid the mandate, but the workers and employers in participating jurisdictions will be part of the plan.

The Trump family leave plan could be a win for a family law attorney[1] who understands how the plan may hurt a client. Even though workers may think the six weeks paid leave may give the family more time with a new baby, the cost of that time may be more than they bargained for. Companies across the country will try to cover the additional expense, and if they do, it could play havoc on the family unit. That havoc may be the catalyst for divorce, child support, and custody cases.

A one size fits all paid family leave plan is a bad idea. Almost fifty-eight percent of the corporations in the U.S. already offer employees paid maternity leave.[2] Other corporations offer other benefits which offset the paid maternity leave, so there are plans in place in most companies, and they help workers take the time they need to be a parent. Non-participating companies will have to step up and become part of the new age movement that gives employees the flexibility they need to keep the family unit happy and intact.

There are other issues with the Trump budget proposal, and they will also impact families in a negative way. People like Bernie Sanders and other Trump antagonists say the budget is a disgrace, and it will hurt average American families. The Trump presidency may sound like a good idea to American families who want to see a change in Washington, but Trump is proposing some strange things, and those things will hurt them in the future.

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