Montreal SEO Expert Gives Back to Flood Victims

Montreal SEO Expert Gives Back to Flood Victims
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Currently, Montreal is suffering from flooding. The record rain has caused over half a dozen communities in the Montreal and Greater Montreal area to submerge in St-Lawrence waters. Many individuals and businesses are finding ways to raise money for those that have suffered and lost their homes. Among those individuals, Montreal SEO Expert Herman Tumurcuoglu is also giving back. For every contract he signs within the next month, he will give 25% to Montreal’s flood victim’s fund. If all businesses begin giving back, the burden of losing homes will not be as stressful as it could have.

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The rain in Montreal began a month ago after all of the snow melted. Unfortunately, it has not stopped and will only continue. The cities of Pierrefonds, Rigaud, Hudson, Ile Bizzard, and Ile Mercier have all be heavily affected. A couple of days ago, Rigaud residents were had to comply with a mandatory evacuation. While many had already left their homes, others wanted to stay to fight. But what can you do when mother nature is against you? As a result, Prime Minister Trudeau deployed the army to help bag sand to build walls. They gave life rafts out to individuals that can no longer drive to their homes and helped with the execution of evacuations.  The situation is currently stable but may get worse. Dams in Northern Quebec and Ontario can no longer hold the water. Without opening the dams, they will break. Although the Montreal SEO Expert belongs working his magic on search engines, there are more important things to do right now. Worst of all, as of yesterday, the flooding has caused two fatalities. It is crazy to think that a city like Montreal could be in a state of emergency as a Northern region that is developed.

Yesterday, Tumurcuoglu and his employees took the day off to go down to their local fire station and help bag sand. The Montreal SEO Expert and his team that although it was sad to see the devastation, it was just as inspirational to see how a community could come together. As a pioneer in the SEO industry that has  traveled the world but always called Montreal his home, Tumurcuoglu says that this tragedy has brought Montrealers closer than ever before.

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