How to create a world’s best playlist for trip

How to create a world’s best playlist for trip
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Travelling and music, both are a deadly combination. Nothing can beat the feeling, when you put your head against the bus’s window and headphones are plug in your phone playing your favorite music. Sounds great? Isn’t? So, the problem arises when you need to make a playlist for your travelling purpose. There are so many songs in every genre and there are so many songs that are going to release in next year. Making a playlist sounds easy work to do, but in realty its hard, so, what things that you should consider before making a playlist for a trip, here are some tips for you.

Keep your playlist updated with new and old songs

For this you need to do little work, search some oldies as well as newbie’s songs that latest realest on the market like top 10 club songs 2017. Here are some songs like come away with me by Norah Jones, holiday by vampire weekend, this is the life by Amy MacDonald , road to nowhere by talking  heads ,Iceland in the sun by weezer etc are most rated songs for travel’s playlist. You can take help from some websites where they provide best collected playlist for travelling purpose.

Don’t stuck up with one kind of music

You like pop song? Good, but don’t fill your playlist with only pop songs. In simple words, don’t repeat one kind of song sin your playlist. You don’t know what mood you are in while travelling, so it’s better to collect all kind of songs like top 10 club songs than add romantic, classic, funny and even TV shows’ songs. The more you have variation in your playlist the more you feel proud on yourself. One kind of songs can easily bore you and spoil your journey too

Take risk, and add unknown songs

There are some people who prefer to add only these songs that you know but do some experiment, take some risk and choose unfamiliar songs. Why? Because it will give you freshness and something like little surprise. Those songs that you heard can’t give you fresh feelings because you know what the song is about. But in unfamiliar songs, you feels excite and it’s like a suspense to you. Try to add some other totally different songs like Bollywood or unpopular songs. Sometimes these songs are good to hear.

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