GWC Valves International: Operations Management

GWC Valves International: Operations Management
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Operations management is important for any company to keep track of especially for a company like GWC Valves International. Operations management is so important for a company because it is about creating value for the internal and external customers of the company. How it works is it is basically taking the inputs such as the employees and the raw materials, turning it into outputs which are the goods and services. Operations management is the systematic design, direction, and control of processes. It is all about developing, managing processes that transform inputs into outputs which make the customer happy. The different inputs can be the labour, raw materials, design, machinery, time, services, land and energy whereas the outputs is simply the goods and services leading to satisfied customers. A process is created for each step of the customer experience at an affordable price. When it comes to the customers in operations management, there are external customers who purchase the firms products or services and these are the end users or intermediaries such as wholesalers of retailers. There are also internal customers in most organizations which are the employees who use the outputs produced or sold.

There are ten critical decisions which were invented by Henzer which include, goods and service design, human resources, quality, process and capacity design, location, layout, inventory management, supply chain management, scheduling and the maintenance. All of these decisions have a huge impact on a company if not done well and thought through enough. These tie in with the operations strategy which is the decisions and investments in products, services, and processes. The operations management strategy has to understand the firms long term goals and this is why you set competitive priorities in any organization. It is important to see operations management as a ongoing process with different factors involved in it all from turning raw materials into outputs to make satisfied customers continue to purchase your company’s products or services.

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