Be Safe From the ValueMags Team

Be Safe From the ValueMags Team
December 30 12:16 2016 Print This Article

As the holiday’s role around, ValueMags wants to wish all its stakeholders safety. During the holidays and throughout the year, individuals are told not to drink and drive and to drink safely. With the increase in festivities and alcohol consumption during the holidays, ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz wants to extend his thoughts to all drivers and passengers.

“Plan ahead so you do not feel obliged or guilty to drive” said Degenholtz. At the same time, the CEO wants and encourages everyone to have as much fun as they can, with or without alcohol. Often times, cabs become more expensive and finding safe ways home is harder when they are high in demand. With Uber, a new Taxi competitor, the fair is often way less expensive than a Taxi. The price goes up with demand. In some cases, individuals say that they were charged ten times the price on high demand evenings such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. So during the holidays, Uber is not the best option either. The ValueMags President says that the safest and best option in his experience is having a designated driver. Not only can that individual get you and your friends to and from your destinations safely, they can additionally make sure you are safe during your experience wherever you are and whatever you are doing. It is not worth compromising your life or the lives of others to have your car to wake up to in the morning or to be home faster or at your command.

From ValueMags to all their customers and partners, and everyone else, a safe yet enjoyable holiday season.

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