An Insight to the Different Services by Clearit

An Insight to the Different Services by Clearit
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Custom brokerages are one of the strongest aspects of the Clearit company. This is obviously due to the blazing services offered by the Clearit company and the use of professional knowledge and act when it comes to customs brokerage. This has also been a powerful source of Clearit. But, apart from the customs brokerage services, there are also different services which are being offered by the Clearit company.

So, today we are going to discuss the different aspects of Clearit and how can you contact them for help and also the different things that are required.

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Services offered by Clearit to the customers

Clearit has a variety of different services which can be taken upon. Such are the services which are mentioned below, which you can take up if you are in need of the same.

  • Importing a car
  • Generation of the ITN number for AES that is, Automated Export System
  • Consultancy regarding the customs
  • All the different services regarding customs brokerage
  • Service which is in accordance with import of the Nonresident
  • Services which are in correspondence with the customs brokerage, especially the ones labeled with white
  • Solutions which are in hand to hand with the e-commerce customs

The pricing system of Clearit

There are basically two different systems of pricing when it comes to Clearit. The first type of pricing is the one which has been set for the value of shipments up to a level of $200.00 CAD. In this system of pricing, a rate of approximately $34.95 is being charged per clearance. There is another system of pricing. This second system of pricing is basically for the value of the shipments which are over or exceeds $200.00 CAD. In this system of pricing, a rate of approximately $49.95 is being charged preclearance.

How can you contact the authority of Clearit?

Contacting the authority of Clearit is quite easy and doesn’t require too much of fuss. You can either email Clearit with your issues in their email id or call them up for your issue at the toll-free number provided. Also, if you are in the quest of live agents of Clearit, then do remember that these live agents are only available from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 8 PM according to the Eastern Standard Time (EST).

So, what are you waiting for? If you like any of the services of Clearit then do go ahead with it. This company is actually good and will also yield you whatever you need if you know how to make approaches properly.

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